Discounted Background Screening

Adopting a solid screening and selection process is your first line of defense in creating a safe environment. A thorough, consistent screening process may also discourage would-be offenders from targeting your organization. Failure to discover a known offender can affect those in your care, your reputation, financial stability, and trust within the community. In determining the types of checks to utilize, you should follow all state, federal, and licensing regulations and consider an individual’s level of access. 

Praesidium offers several standard and customizable criminal background check packages plus other a la carte background check services to empower your organization to conduct right-sized research. Praesidium’s team can help contextualize the screening process as part of an overall culture of safety and discuss how screening works in hand with other abuse prevention efforts. Praesidium’s team can also help you understand who to screen, how often, and the importance of re-screening. 

Manage Screening & Training Together

  • A one-stop solution for organizations who pair background checks with training as part of their abuse prevention initiative.  
  • An automated workflow allows for the management of background checks and training within one system.  
  • Enabling this option reduces the administrative burden of managing two separate processes, providing streamlined account creation, automated invitations, and combined compliance reporting.  
  • All administrators can view background check completion status, but only select administrators can view or adjudicate results. 
  • All personally identifiable information is collected, processed, and stored in a fully secure system that requires an additional set of credentials in order to strictly limit access.  

PLEASE NOTE: Background Screening Services will require a separate contract with Praesidium and is not available to insureds in Canada at this time.

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