Abuse Prevention Resources For Beazley Insureds

Beazley has collaborated with Praesidium to provide policyholders access to expert knowledge and targeted solutions to help you strengthen your abuse prevention efforts.  

Beazley Insureds receive access to Model Policies, a Screening and Selection Toolkit, discounted background screening, Praesidium Academy online training, a Crisis Response Toolkit, and access to Praesidium’s Helpline.

Watch this video to learn about the services included in your Beazley Safeguard policy.

Praesidium’s Mission: To help you protect those in your care from abuse and to help preserve trust in your organization.  

About Praesidium

Take Advantage of These Resources

Implementation Guide

Accessing resources is the key to unlocking your organization’s abuse prevention efforts. Whether it is policies, screening, training, responding, or multiple operations, having the right resources can empower you to prevent abuse from occurring in your organization and maintain trust. Download this zip file for two different style onboarding checklists and utilize what works best for you!


Download Model Policies

As a Beazley Insured you have access to model policies that set the stage for safe environments by defining acceptable and unacceptable employee and volunteer conduct. Policies also facilitate effective monitoring and supervision by helping others to recognize and take action when they see policy violations.

Download the Screening & Selection Toolkit

The most comprehensive package of its kind, our Screening and Selection Toolkit comes complete with resources your organization needs to effectively screen employees and caregivers, including “red flag” indicators for identifying high-risk applicants and hundreds of examples of high- and low-risk applicant responses.

Background Screening

Adopting a solid screening and selection process is your first line of defense in creating a safe environment. A thorough, consistent screening process may also discourage would-be offenders from targeting your organization. Failure to discover a known offender can affect those in your care and your reputation, financial stability, and trust within the community. In determining the types of checks to utilize, you should follow all state, federal, and licensing regulations and consider an individual’s level of access. Praesidium offers several standard and customizable criminal background check packages plus other a la carte background check services. Praesidium offers a selection of background screening packages plus a la carte services to empower your organization to conduct right-sized research. Praesidium’s team can help contextualize the screening process as part of an overall culture of safety and discuss how screening works in hand with other abuse prevention efforts. Praesidium’s team can also help you understand who to screen, how often, and the importance of re-screening.

PLEASE NOTE: Background Screening Services will require a separate contract with Praesidium and is not available to insureds in Canada at this time.

Access Online Abuse Prevention Training

Get access to Praesidium Academy - Praesidium's online abuse prevention training provided to you at no cost by Beazley. Courses include specific learning objectives, excellent content, engaging graphics, frequent interactivity, and content mastery quizzes. Academy comes with a robust database that allows you to track course completion and generate custom-designed compliance reports quickly. The system can also allow you to streamline your background screening efforts and training initiatives in one place.

Download the Crisis Response Toolkit

Praesidium’s Crisis Response Toolkit for insureds includes written resources and guidance to navigate crisis response before, during, and after an allegation.  This toolkit provides guidelines for assembling a crisis response team; considerations for the first few days and weeks; how to create a transparent, victim-centered response; sample media holding statements; sample community communications for participants and families; and other response considerations. Your Beazley policy may include a variety of Crisis Risk solutions. Contact Beazley directly to learn more about these additional resources.

Praesidium Helpline

The Praesidium Helpline gives your organizational leadership team a confidential mechanism to discuss concerns or allegations involving sexual abuse and receive support to navigate next steps. Information discussed during the call will not be shared with your insurance carrier and does not constitute the reporting of a claim. Download this flyer to learn more about the Helpline.

If you think you have experienced an incident or if you have a claim, you will need to contact Beazley. To report an incident or claim to Beazley, call +1 844 285 4700. Service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service representative will take some initial details including your name, contact number, insured organization name, and, if known, the policy number. The service representative will connect you with an experienced member of the Beazley team. Beazley can also be contacted at claims@beazley.com or Beazley Group Attn: Claims Group 30 Batterson Park Road Farmington, CT 06032. 

You Might Be Wondering

Who is Praesidium?  

Praesidium is the national leader in abuse risk management of sexual abuse of vulnerable populations. With more than 30 years of experience, and serving thousands of clients, our dedicated team of researchers, attorneys, social workers, and human resources professionals have analyzed thousands of cases of abuse and synthesized the latest scientific research. We know how abuse happens in organizations and more importantly, how to prevent it.

What is Praesidium's approach to managing the risk of abuse in clients' organizations?  

Praesidium uses a systems-based approach created from the scientific research of thousands of reported incidents of abuse. This analysis identified that the root-causes of incidents fall into one or more of eight organizational operations which, taken together, comprise Praesidium’s Safety Equation®. We help our clients implement best practice standards in each of the eight operations to close gaps, decrease risks, and creates safer environments within their organizations. 

Abuse Is Preventable

Praesidium is dedicated to helping our clients fulfill their mission safely, whether they are just getting started in their abuse prevention efforts, focused on the compliance aspects of risk management, or are committed to creating a culture of safety with years of experience. We work with clients across the spectrum.

If you're not sure what your next step is to preventing abuse, contact us today.  

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