Praesidium's Online Abuse Prevention Training

Praesidium's Online Abuse Prevention Training is far more than a check-the-box collection of e-learning courses. Instead, it is a comprehensive system based on learning theory and best practices in adult learning.

At the core of the Praesidium Academy is a continually expanding library of engaging courses, each with clearly defined outcomes. Courses include research-based content, highly interactive multimedia activities, application scenarios, and a content mastery quiz.  

By pairing foundational abuse prevention courses with targeted, industry-specific content, you can provide staff with meaningful training that meets the specific needs of your organization.  

"We found Praesidium's training easy to access and implement. Once our staff began the trainings, we noticed they were initiating discussions and personalizing risk situations to the Clubs."

Steve A. Wurm, President Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington 


Training conveys your commitment to safety. The right delivery system makes it impactful.

Foundational Curriculum

Praesidium will upload courses to your account that will provide the foundational knowledge based on your needs as an organization. Most foundational curriculum will include:

  • How offenders operate  
  • How to prevent youth-to-youth abuse 
  • How to recognize high-risk activities and areas  
  • How to report suspicions and concerns 
  • How to recognize signs of abuse in victims  


Additional Curriculum

Praesidium will also provide courses based on the needs of your organization. 

Within the sign-up form, you'll have the opportunity to select the industry you are in, the people you serve, and additional subjects you need to cover. Praesidium will then fill your account with curriculum that supports your needs.  

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Support Tools

Support tools enhance the short- and long- term effectiveness of the training experience and produce sustainable changes in employee and volunteer behavior.

Action Plans

Each course includes an Action Plan, a printable document that summarizes key learning points and allows learners to jot down reminder notes as they progress through the course. Learners can keep their Action Plans and refer to them any time they need a refresher.

Discussion Guides

A group leader uses the Discussion Guide to encourage participants to share their own experiences with the content and how they can use it on the job. Group discussions can make the entire learning experience more compelling by creating collective support for building safe environments.

Coaching Playbooks

Supervisors receive a high-level summary of the course with learning objectives and things that they can say and do to reinforce application of the content.

Administration Tools

Praesidium Academy is an online abuse prevention training system that has robust, easy-to-use administrator tools.    

  • On-demand reports for easy compliance tracking 
  • Rolled up reporting for organizations with multiple locations 
  • Easy user management – multiple options for adding users – individually, bulk upload, and self-enrollment  

Praesidium Academy can also be streamlined with our background screening services. to provide a one-stop solution for both training and your screening prevention efforts.

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